Thursday, May 19, 2005

I wish he paid me for my ass

Like her Taj Mahal, India will rise from her dark past of violence, ignorance, and poverty and reclaim her old, rightful glory in the world's stage.

Okay, folks, I am back. For the last five days, I was busy masturbating with a hunk mentally. A Ph.D. student in a nearby university paid me to have brainstorming sessions with him regarding his dissertation on political economy. He found me through my blog. He liked the way I think out of the box. He had an adviser, but he did not appreciate conventional thinking and replicated ideas. He wanted his work to be pioneering and interesting. Fortunately, it was not bad for a hoe, who was paid to think.

He was too young to be a Ph.D. student. He must be a rich kid, who goes to school to acquire a professional title not skills, or an argumentative, lazy ass, who survives on grants and student loans and confidently thinks there is a sense of security, financial or personal, in being an intellectual. I checked his writings. They were too convoluted with confusing ideas, circular in logic, and verbose. His works suffered from postmodern, poststructural, and postcolonial jargons also known as verbal diarrhea, a pretentious, head-scratching, migraine-causing use of heavy words to convey a very simple idea. I call it academic halitosis, a scholar's bad breath. He wanted to write about the role of the middle class in China and India's economy compared to America's. It was too broad, complex, long, and boring. Besides, It was too ambitious and time-consuming, and some parts of his thesis have already been studied.

I told him to focus on India, which, I believe, will eventually become a superpower in fifty years. Indians are learning from their history and moving forward. It seemed he had a nirvana after I suggested to him that he should do an in-depth research on how India has merged America's capitalism and China's socialism in its economic policies and political governance. He should study the Indian middle class in relation to labor force, knowledge economy, and the government's populist political platform and economic strategies.

The middle class in any society galvanize economic and social development. The poor are too ignorant and burdened to be socially vigilant and politically empowered, and the rich are too comfortable to notice the gap between the haves and the have-nots. It is the middle class who are in the position to be the social agent-provocateur. They are the same people who struggle to rise and avoid to fall. They are educated laborers and reasonable voters. America remains the sole superpower because of the middle class Americans, who influence the market and form the knowledge-based economy. Their contributions to labor, trade, and industry are very important. They are the loud voice significantly heard every election. They are the thinking, powerful class.

I recommended Indian and Chinese business dailies to him. The Wall Street Journal alone is not enough to know the nitty-gritty of Asia's surging economies. It is also imperative for him to read the political histories of China and India since the 70's and the American foreign policies towards these countries. I like reading papers and essays that are well-researched, current, and filled with raw data. Hazy generalizations, unfounded opinions, and out-of-the-blue predictions make me stop to read. Any research should not be editorialized. Its conclusion should be based on existing data.

I hope I was able to help him. Some people just need motivation. He did not pay me to learn research design or statistical methods. I think he was on the verge of a mental block. He wanted to chat with someone who could, maybe, offer different perspectives that will arouse his mind and make him interested. He wanted to be pushed. If he calls me again, I will decline. I have my own arousal to attend to. It was a torture to chat with a young, muscular, handsome, smart guy about political economy while I had a raging hard-on. Just staring at my lustful glances, smiling at me, and trying to read my thought did nothing for me. I wish he fucked me.

I hope he reads this. If he wants me to really help him, he has to make my mind function well. He has to feed me his cock. He needs to fuck my brains out and, of course, pay me still. That is my basic idea of political economy.


Blogger Char said...

I, too, like the way you think. :)
good luck...

6:03 PM  
Blogger Irzan said...

Damn you're one clever Asian!

I'm so proud of you! And proud to be one of the Asian, too.

I'm from Malaysia, by the way, and now currently I'm studying in the Ukraine in Medicine.

1:44 PM  
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